Covid 19 pandemic accelerates digitalization of marketplace, Go Shopping Philippines foresees sustained boom in cashless transactions

September 6, 2021

The Covid 19 pandemic is accelerating digitalization of the marketplace, propping up e-commerce sales of Filipino-founded Go Shopping Philippines(GSP)which foresees a sustained boom in cashless transactions.

   Boasting of branding differentiation and protection from online shopping, GSP Mall has easily joined the league in successful online transactions among now famous online companies due to the pandemic Covid 19.

   “The pandemic has drastically hastened the use of online shopping among residents of Metro Manila and nationwide.  People can no longer do the normal transaction on the malls for fear of Covid 19 and the new variant delta,” GSP Chief Executive Officer Neil Garcia La-as in an interview with a broadcast firm.

   “With the  imposition of lockdowns, it’s  inevitable people can’t go out. This paved the way for  online e-commerce to blossom like mushroom. This is an industry that has a great future.”

Neil GArcia La-as, GSP Mall chief executive officer

   With such phenomenal growth the digital mall has been experiencing in one year or so, it will take just a matter time before GSP Mall franchises out to neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

   “Partnering with GEP solutions, a developer based in Singapore, is an advantage for a localized company like ours because they have been 26 years in the business,” La-as said.

   Big brands with the traditional brick and mortar stores can no longer ignore opportunities that have emerged in digital transactions.

   That compels them to put up venues for people to buy their products online.  And GSP Mall comes out as a preferred consumer outlet with the ecosystem it is building that offers solution to every need.

    “As a previous leasing manager of the one of the major mall operators in the Philippines, I have seen drastic change of brick and mortar stores in presentation of their products. There’s no way they can’t be present online as it naturally bccomes a support to sustaining sales momentum,” he said.

   “Visibility is the name of the game.”

   While the pandemic has brought consumers the convenience of shopping while at home, it has also caused proliferation of low quality and fake items available online. 

   But GSP Mall commits to give consumers the digital lifestyle they deserve.  It scrutinizes legitimacy of merchants and the quality of products or service they offer.

   It makes sure products like cosmetics and skin care produts are  FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-registered.

   “We have a self regulatory body to make sure the kind of merchants we choose is the kind of concept we want to offer to Go Shopping community.We started a bit slower because our game plan is not really to massively allow a lot merchants  to be on board for as long as I don’t have enough manpower to scrutinize them all one by one, he said.”

   “We’re very slow, but very consistent. We target 1,000 merchants to be on-boarded  by the end of the year. We have a timeline so we can secure inventory before the ‘ber’ (September to December)  months take off.   We are alluring all of them to be with us these coming months.”

   Go Shopping Philippines has already made a distinction for itself as it is not just a retail e-commerce site. 

   It is an entire community, an ecosystem.

   “We aggregate other apps to exist with us.  We try to synergize with other e commerce platform  like Metrodeal and Tourism Ph, restaurant bookings.  We move beyond what’s currently the status of e commerce platforms.”

   GSP will provide its consumers its own Go TV under which it will produce its our own shows and news and current affairs program.  It will offer its Gflix or online movie offerings.  It will , we have its own Cineplex to  showcase online cinemas on a  pay per view feature.

   To top it all, it will have a foreign exchange venue.

   “It’s a huge ecosystem where anybody can converge and do business with us.”

   GSP is targeting a revenue of P500 million by the fiscal year 2021-2022.  Its revenue comes from percentage of sales from merchants from different product categories.

About GSP Mall

   GSP Mall will be a big virtual mall where practically all one needs can be delivered via what is called Smart Logistics.

   Through an easy access from the GSP app from one’s smartphone, one can have his desired product delivered at his doorstep via GSP’s Smart Logistics.  The logistics systems aggregate third party couriers with warehouse and delivery services.

   GSP’s strategically located warehouses make sure a product from within the country or overseas is tracked and delivered as expected.

   GSP  has an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that automates business processes including warehousing and logistics.

   Technology will be a tool through which anyone is protected, assuring anyone that his well-earned money is well-returned with the added perks.   It should create full satisfaction from the digital lifestyle. 

   Digital also now operates under Artificial Intelligence advancements.  GSP Mall’s Analytics Program enables GSP and its merchants to systematically sell goods based on data, statistics, and market demographics.

GSP Mall offers Filipino products

   A fraud detection system, on top of firewalls, secures GSP Mall’s transactions. 

   And double protection security systems ensure that when cyber-attacks are attempted against the system, at the worst case scenario, only a portion, not the entire ecosystem, can be affected.  That is given the self-locking capability of the digital mall systems’ various components.

   On top of supermarket products, food and beverage, fruits and vegetables, apparel, fashion accessories, and jewelry, the GSP Mall offers practically everything—appliances, furniture, home furnishings, most department store products.

  The GSP Mall app makes purchasing fast and friendly.  Registration is easy through Facebook or email.

   To keep one protected, a verification system is required to make sure the real person is the one who really makes the transaction.  That is done as a user is asked to take a selfie of himself and also send a copy of his legitimate ID card.

   Medical, dental, and veterinary services, architectural and interior design, carpentry, and upholstery services, sewing and embroidery can all be easily arranged from the mobile phone.

   As GSP promises to give what once can only be imagined, the features of the mega GSP Mall are all-encompassing —  leaving one without anything to ask for even in the middle of pandemic’s lockdowns.   

   These services, though, will be offered one after the other,  one phase at a time.

   The GFlix offers on-demand movie — both local and international films — now possible for viewing via one’s mobile phone. GO LIVE is a livestreaming platform for conferences, trade exhibitions, and events.

GSP Mall, your go-to digital mall for all

   GO CINEPLEX is a 3D virtual cinema that has multiple halls, secured online ticketing system, and high-quality audio and video setup. It is enabling feelings of warmth among people commonly watching theatre shows and live presentations, virtual nevertheless.  Fashion shows and sports activities can now all be viewed at the flick of a finger.

    With the first mega digital mall in the Philippines will be its own GoTV. It will be airing 24/7 to entertain  users any hour of the day, or night.  It will air select television programs accessible anywhere through one’s own mobile phone.  (Melody Mendoza Aguiba)