Online Agri Academy launched by Bayer Crop Science targeted at young farm entrepreneurs and aspiring farm technocrats

May 10, 2020 

  Recognizing the need to keep farmers up-to-date on best practices on the latest technology in growing rice and corn to maximum yield and profitability, Bayer Crop Science (BCS) has introduced the Bayer Agri Academy. 

   BCS finds it timely to popularize online agriculture learning considering the intensified need to produce more food even light of an impending food security crisis due to the pandemic from Covid 19.

   New generations of farmers and farming investors are also foreseen to emerge due to the realization of imminent food shortage.

   “Bayer Crop Science ramped up its digital efforts. Aside from posting technical information on its products for farmers planting rice, fruits, and vegetables, the team actively addresses queries on pest control, crop management, and where they could access farming products,” according Rex Bryan B. Rivera,  Bayer Philippines Inc., Public Affairs and Sustainability head.

   BCS is also targeting farmers in Mindanao who are now battling against pervasive Fall Armyworm (FAW) in corn that can severely cut yield but which finds solution in Dekalb VT double Pro.

Dekalb hybrid corn plant (right) hardly touched by pests compared to non-Dekalb corn (left)

   Farmers nationwide have been taken aback by FAW infestation.  North Luzon  farmers have tried using even banned,  environmentally-degrading pesticides just to combat FAW because of their absence of knowledge on new technologies. But farmers that planted Dekalb VT double Pro, mostly participants to BCS’s corn derby planting and government farm technicians,  have evaded FAW infestation.

    Going beyond sharing practical information on farming, Bayer created an online platform, via a Facebook group,  where technical experts and farmers exchange ideas and experiences to gain insights on boosting and sustaining farmer productivity.

    BCS takes advantage of online learning interest among young farming entrepreneurs, technocrats and investors as individual field visits have become restricted due to the Covid 19 lockdown.  

   In Agricademy, the team introduced Bayer Online Kapihan, which are live sessions to

directly engage with farmers.

   Topics covered in the first meetings were on new DEKALB hybrid corn varieties suited for Mindanao and the portfolio of solutions for Arize hybrid rice farming.

   Edward Limon, Market Development Manager for Crop Science, hosts the program and gets support from his fellow experts in running the learning program.  They keep it highly interactive. Access the site via Bryan B. Rivera

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