Innovations in sustainable agriculture sought to be recognized amid typhoon destructions from climate change, Covid 19 pandemic

January 18, 2022

With the Philippines’ growing population and the many challenges faced by the agricultural sector already burdened by the pandemic situation to sustainably meet demand for food supply, the need to help both people and planet thrive is stronger than ever.

   To recognize and support much needed sustainable agriculture programs in the country, the Pest Management Council of the Philippines, Inc. (PMCP) and Bayer CropScience Philippines is now opening the PMCP-Bayer Agricultural Sustainability Award for nominees.    

   The Award aims to put the spotlight on high-impact programs and initiatives accomplished by individuals contributing towards promoting and strengthening agricultural sustainability in the country.

   The PMCP-Bayer Agricultural Sustainability Award is open to individuals from the private and public sector – such as researchers, scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs, government officials, employees, or part of the academe.

   Individuals should have accomplished either of the following within the scope of both pest management and agricultural sustainability:

• Developed a research paper contributing to sustainable pest management practices

• Demonstrated the importance of sustainable use of agricultural technologies for small holder farmers

• Conducted a field trial or experiment that resulted to a milestone or learning on sustainable pest management

• Spearheaded an initiative leading to advocacy or promotion (ex. educational programs) of sustainable pest management practices and adoption of sustainable agricultural practices

• Contributed to enactment of significant policies or guidelines on sustainable pest management

• Acted as a catalyst within his/her community or organization that led to shift in pest management practices with sustainability principles

   A newly established Award, the nominee’s accomplishments should have been completed within 2019-2021 with sufficient documentation to show evidence of his/her accomplishment and its PMCP-Bayer Agricultural Sustainability Award open for Filipino agri changemakers — impact on agricultural sustainability, including letters of recommendation from the nominee’s network.

   Nomination period runs from January 15, 2022 to March 31, 2022 with an evaluation period from March-April 2022. Nominations must be sent via email to

   After the evaluation period, the chosen awardee will be announced during the PMCP Annual Scientific Conference in July 2022.

   He or she will receive a plaque and 50,000 pesos cash prize. About the PMCP-Bayer Agricultural Sustainability Award Guided by its vision of “Health for all, Hunger for none”,    

   Bayer promotes inclusive growth and responsible use of resources to help people and planet thrive.

Bayer’s Sustainable Agriculture practices contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals

   Sustainability is an integral part of its strategy and values, with sustainability targets that include reducing the environmental impact of crop protection while promoting sustainable production and circular options that reduce, recycle, reuse and replace.

    Thus, recognizing the vital role of experts and stakeholders in agricultural pest management to deliver effective & practical solutions for farmers, the PMCP-Bayer Agricultural Sustainability Award aims to highlight high-impact initiatives geared towards agricultural sustainability.

   For more information, please email

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